The innovative Nike Studio Wrap Pack was designed to help you make the most of workouts typically done in bare feet, including Nike Training Club Toned, yoga, dance and barre. Made up of a wrap, a ribbon and a flat, this three-part footwear system combines a barefoot feel with protection, traction, support and style.

Oh my god they’re adorable?!?!


And knowing society there will be at least one person who will wear these as regular everyday shoes. :|

So? Walking around barefoot is actually beneficial, it’s just dangerous so not many people do it. This could help out those people a lot.

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Can you feel the love tonight…..

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I just w as to cry and be held and eat pizza

Im never going to be good enough for you am I

I’m so lonely…

Everytime I get a good url I have to make sure it’s spelled right because I don’t actually believe it

Anonymous said: oh FUCK.. did someone post your pics on tumblrafterhours(.)com


omg i do this so much

omg i do this so much

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